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BWB6 BWB6 The Lovely Audience

So right now I am in possibly the least Burlesquey (new word for you there) place on the planet. There is a complete absence of glitter, basques,Isis wings and pasties – don’t get me started on merkins!

I did however feel a definite connection to Harrogate and Burlesque Without Borders 6  last night. In the past I have spent a lot of time helping to set up for the nights and could picture the scene as a nice room at the Manhattan Club is transformed into a sparkling palace. It takes a lot of work to get the place ready for the night. Its fair to say that it actually takes MONTHS. The room with all its sparkle and shine is just a room until it is filled with performers, crew and amazing caring people we call the audience who know how to have a good time and help others while doing it.

Lily La Belle puts on the best Burlesque show in Yorkshire, this isn’t just my bias opinion – read the reviews on FB and other social media.  She spends literally months planning the show, booking performers and co-ordinating the remarkable team who give up their night to make it happen. As always, I am not going to name names as I would hate to leave anyone out. You all know them wether they have sold you a cupcake, filled the room with sound , picked up discarded pants and bras or shimmied their rear in your general direction.

I am waiting to see the photos and hear the full story of last nights show, what I know so far is that it was a huge success both as a spectacle and as a fundraising event with over £1300 raised for charity. Half of this goes to Doctors Without Borders and half to the Alzheimer’s Society  another very worthwhile cause that affects so many of us.

I see every day what that money will be spent on. This doesn’t happen without YOU:

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So to close, Thank you to Lily and the BWB team, you are the best and thank you to everyone who supports the night and is part of the success.

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