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What a remarkable night we all had last night. We had clockwork ladies, pole dancing, self flagellation and the honey monster in stockings – what’s not to like!

Another fabulous night at Burlesque Bonanza put together by the eternally patient and calm (though she may disagree) Rachel and hosted by the outrageous Joe Black.

The performers were outstanding a huge variety of acts all executed with style and grace (even the honey monster).  The Ivory looked absolutely amazing, perfectly laid out for the size of the event. The audience were as always involved and enthusiastic. It may seem odd to run a show on a Sunday night but it ‘just works’ as they say. It is in fact the perfect end to a weekend as the show finishes about 2230 so you still get your beauty sleep – not that any of our audience need it.

We never lose sight of what the night is about ie raising money for Doctors Without Borders and last night was a big financial success for this vital organisation, it raised £872 which is incredible for an audience of around 60!

Once again I would like to thank everyone involved : Joe and all of the other amazing performers but most of all Rachel who really does work hard to make this night what it is. You are all wonderful. Thank you from me but more important, thank you from the people whose lives you change.

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