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An absolutely beautiful day today, the sun shone, the birds sang and the cycling was mostly straightforward. It was nice to leave Brussels as the countryside is beautiful and the city chaotic. That said we very much enjoyed our stay and seeing our friends at Ansell.

It didn’t take long for us to get out of the city and it was mostly down hill from where we were staying. We suffered with the uphill on the way in!

Soon we were on the a canal and making great progress. We passed some nice art work at the canal side.

Impressive wall art

The canals are fantastic as navigation is extremely easy and the cycling flat.

Canal cycling – easy and relaxing

As the day went on and we left the canals we started to notice that there were a lot more hills. Nothing too challenging but definitely a change in topography.

We stopped for strawberries at one point – lovely big ones that were extremely tasty.

Looking pleased with myself for finding strawberries!

We cycled through a number of small towns including Vellereille-le-Sec one of the last places we called at in Belgium. The first part that we cycled into looked frozen in time lovely cobbled streets but dilapidated buildings. These soon gave way to quaint, old but better maintained properties then newer ones as we went further into town.


We passed spectacular windmills as we left the town.

Huge and impressive wind turbines

Shortly we were at the Belgium-France border. No nice sign here, the road was too small. We therefore took a screenshot of the border crossing from maps – a decidedly unspectacular arrival in France!

A house near the border!

15 mins later we arrived at the camp site. Tired but satisfied after a good days cycling. Quick can of beans with corn & hummus and soon to bed.

Arrival at the camp site
Our location
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