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So here is my grinning mush (kl) at the Netherlands – Belgium border at Dreef. With all this new European togetherness there was a disappointing lack of watch towers and dogs. In fact it was a path along the side of a beautiful river for most of the day.

We had coffee and sandwiches in a fabulous bakery on the south side of Breda and then pressed on.

Loads of people were out cycling and walking on the long weekend. Many commented on the brilliant bag cover branding done by Bluestone in Starbeck. In fact we spoke to some very interested and lovely people today who were taken with the idea of a walk from Amsterdam to Barcelona. Many have offered support and I thank them in advance.

We stopped at the Meersel Molen which is an old watermill . We were given a great tour round by a lovely gent who explained the workings of the old place . There was also a cafe where we met some great staff and customers who were interested in the walk.

We walked with a lady from
Breda as far as the end of the river path at Meer. We chatted on the way about nursing and banking.

From Meer we made the last 6 km to town with no plans for accommodation. After a couple of failed attempts I went to a bar and asked there. They didn’t have rooms but they had wonderful kind patrons and staff. The lady behind the bar made a few calls and we had a place to stay. Then she asked one of the guys in the bar to take us to a b&b which he did without issue. It just demonstrates yet again that the world is full of caring and helpful people.

We hit a local bar for my first Belgian beer in Belgium and it was mighty fine . I think I will enjoy the evenings this next couple of weeks.

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