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After six days tough cycling we took two days off to visit Yosemite. This would have meant a 300 mile round trip South of our route so we put the bikes in for a service in South Lake Tahoe and hired a car for the journey off route. Now, I haven’t driven a car since 2007 (up until the week before we left for the USA when both Tracey and I had a driving lesson with Steve Turner). I have however driven here in the past and have the most experience with automatics and driving on what everyone here knows is the WRONG side of the road!.

The drive out of South Lake Tahoe was nerve wracking for me and perhaps confusing for some other road users! The most significant event however was the next day. We left our camp at 0600 and set off to the park. It was a beautiful day , bright and clear – until we entered this :


Only then did I realise I had no idea how to put the lights on! (the photo above was taken on the way out when were had illumination and no chest pain!) There was a few moments of panic, flashing hazards and main beams going on and off. Finally I found the sodding lights. We made it through the tunnel and into a lay-by where we sat with a thousand yard stare for a few minutes before setting off.

We spent the rest of the day looking at some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Half Dome at the top and then below you see us with el Capitan in the background:


In summary – If you want the most exhilarating feeling of your life come to Yosemite and wait till the last minute to locate your lights, you will never feel more alive.



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