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A long haul from our camp in the woods to St Quentin. About 35km today through some very poignant areas. We followed the track of the Somme river. This name is forever associated with the first world war and a battle in 1916 that cost 1.6 million lives. It is impossible to be unmoved by this thought.

We arrived in St Quentin about 1830 and found our hotel quickly. It was a huge relief to get our shoes off and sort our kit. It was then straight out for food. We are now back at the hotel and calling it a day.

As of today we have walked 506 km or 314 miles.

I have a real appreciation of things I would normally take for granted. Being able to shower, access regular food and a nice place to rest. It can only be a good thing to be thankful for something so many people don’t have .

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