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Its a very strange time the EOM (end of mission). It was lovely arriving back in Amsterdam and then in Harrogate just a couple of weeks ago. Since I left Leer however , everything has changed in South Sudan. Conflict is spreading throughout the country and people are once again being dragged into a fight motivated by the hunger for power and tribalism that has plagued many nations through history.

My friends and colleagues are working hard in Leer and all over South Sudan. I think about them every day and have many mixed feelings about being back safe at home while they are in the projects.

At times like this I think of the quote from Nicolas de Torrente, executive director of MSF, who once said:

We find out where conditions are the worst, the places where others are not going and that’s where we want to be.

I guess that is South Sudan right now. The thing to remember is that the media have finally located South Sudan on a map and today its getting coverage. The Philippines and Syria have fallen out of the news and Haiti, decimated in the 2010 earthquake has no chance. This took 20 seconds to find :

“The cholera outbreak which began in October 2010 has continued. According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention it is considered the worst epidemic of cholera since the 1994 outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.[263] By August 2013, it had killed over 8,231 Haitians and hospitalized hundreds of thousands more” (Wikipedia).

I am going to close the website for 2013 with a request and a promise.

I ask that you help Doctors Without Borders in their work  by donating (easily done via this site through the ‘sponsor me’ button which donates directly to MSF).

My promise is that I will be redoubling my fundraising and awareness work in 2014. Standby for more obsessive scrounging in the New Year.

Thank you  for your kindness and support while I have been away and for the ongoing dedication to helping MSF that you have shown. I know a lot of people that are alive because of YOU.


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