Blisters, Vincent Van Gough and Talking the walk

I staggered to Ripon yesterday , a lovely 12 mile walk through some beautiful countryside. My new boots created some nice plasma collections on my left heel – attractive I know. I have put a couple of photos from the walk on the facebook site (no blisters I promise). One of the photos shows me in action and looking my usual happy self – check it out its worth it just to brighten your day.  I am not sure if i dont look a bit stupid in the hat , all feedback welcome.   This is important as I want to look good when I am taken to the emergency Dept in Amsterdam with both ankles fractured within the first half mile next year.There is also a nice picture from the Burton Leonard scarecrow contest – Vincent – this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you !

Its talk time on tuesday evening and I am both looking forward to it and petrified. I have prepared as best as I can and now only hope that the rotting fruit thrown by my less mature colleagues misses my face during the presentation. There will be a report on the evenings proceedings posted soon.


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