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Day 24

50 miles rolling hills and haircuts.

This morning we said goodbye to some lovely people. Our kind pals Vicki and Rory over 300 miles away in Cedar City kindly arranged for us to stay with some friends. Ron and Katy took care of us last night. They took us to see some 800 year old ruins of houses in a rock face near to their home. On the way we were able to spot Monument Valley through some binoculars. It’s only about 70 miles away but we need to focus on the goal and not deviate too much from our plan so no visit. 

We had a fabulous meal with Katy and Ron before heading to bed about 2130. 

So, back to this morning, we left the house after a very nice goodbye and cycled into Blanding. We stopped at a petrol station for coffee and to eat breakfast before setting off for Dove Creek. 

The ride was actually very nice in the main. A long , not too severe hill out of the town then after Montecello (20 miles) just rolling hills. 

The sad event for the day was another deer. We were cycling along when we came across the poor thing, it’s back was broken by the look of it though it was trying to stand. As before our focus was on doing the right thing by this unfortunate creature. We called 911 and reported it and shortly after a State Trooper passed by (possibly by coincidence). We flagged him down and a few minutes later he ended the poor deers suffering. 

We hit the Colorado state border about 1200. We have now cycled across three states. 

We arrived in Dove Creek (the pinto bean capital of the region if not the nation) about 1300. 

After lunch we decided that we had spent too long in dry counties and bought some beer. I also had a haircut and Tracey had some women’s treatment to her locks (it’s all beyond me!)

We browsed around an antiques shop before returning to the room to blog while we have some form of connection. 

Onwards and inwards tomorrow. Rocky Mountains here we come. 

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