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Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 19.19.19Bean & Bud

Thank you to my wonderful friends Ruth and Hayden for giving me the opportunity to talk at Bean & Bud. I get very nervous before each and every talk I present. I am told it doesn’t show which is great but I certainly feel it. Quite simply it matters that I give a good account of myself because it reflects on MSF.

I soon relaxed on the 7th as i was not only in my favourite place in Harrogate but I was among friends. It was lovely to see so many people who have given so much of their time and effort (and brass) to MSF. We all enjoyed the best Coffee and Tea in t’ ‘gate and had a very nice time chatting before and after the talk.

Thank you to all who came and especially to Jonathan Wilson who very kindly filmed my talk. This was fantastic of Jonathan and will allow friends in other countries to be able to enjoy the nasal droning of my voice for upwards of 40 minutes. Each second will feel like a lifetime and by the end of it you will wish for the sweet release that only death could bring. 

That said, enjoy the show folks!  Click HERE.

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