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So, this is it. I set off from Argentona early and had a great walk in to Barca. Lots of lovely people beeped horns, waved and spoke to me. I met a great guy called Pep in Badelona. Pep has walked some fantastic places like Turkey and Iran and he was really interested in my journey. Thanks for the chat Pep and I’ll get back to your email soon I promise.

I walked along the side of the beaches that line the coast. It was a great distraction from the heat as there were some astounding women lounging about. I was gazing at one washing under a shower when I did one of the most spectacular trips known to man. A full air grabbing lunge forward accompanied by a squeaking sound. I think she would have been impressed if she had even noticed my presence on the planet. Good and bad that one.

My end point was the MSF office just off la Rambla. I got there at 1615. I was met by Sara, Doreen, Arnold and Alessandro. It was lovely to see them and truly made my day. As I’ve said before, I am in a bit of turmoil about the end of the walk but seeing these lovely friends has really helped.

After a quick drink and a chat I went to the office and met Susana who you see in the pic. We talked for a while and I was taken with her enthusiasm about the walk. We are meeting again tomorrow.

The evening – after I got over the pleasure of putting on a crisp White shirt for the first time in 3.5 months was great. We walked the area around la Rambla and ate some nice food. It’s now 0020 and time for bed. It’s been an amazing day. Lots of emotions to figure about the end of the walk but really it’s ok. As one experience comes to an end the embryonic plan of the next begins to form.

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