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A wonderful day spent bumping into very special people and then receiving support from people I have never even met.

We walked 40 km (25 miles) today. It was a long way which felt shorter because of the people on the route. Phillipe and Mieke in the Camembiere deli in Aartselaar, a lovely 69 year old lady who has been to Everest base camp 4 times, the kind and caring owner of Casa Clara B&B in Humbeek. All of these people add to the only conclusion I can make – This walk is entirely made up of important meetings with important people whose lives briefly touch my own. Their influence upon me is profound and I thank them,

Tonight when I looked on the blog. A chap called Kato has left a great message. He saw us walking through Antwerp this am and googled the info about the walk on the backpack cover (thanks again to Bluestone Branding in Starbeck). a fantastic result from the advertising and thanks for following Kato.

On to Brussels tomorrow and visit to MSF section 2 of 5.

It’s going fantastically. Even the blisters don’t hurt as much …. Quite

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