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So folks, as I explained last night, we were both pretty worn out after a marathon (almost literally) walk yesterday. We decided to add a rest day here. This is all fine as it is going to take a while to get used to walking over 20 miles a day and we have to look after ourselves.

Antwerp old town is beautiful, little streets meander off the main thoroughfares and lead into leafy squares. The man you see in the photo above is playing in one such square and he was the most talented musician I have heard in years. He just sat under the tree and played lovely Jazz faultlessly.  I have other, more typical Antwerp photos but this mans talent is what I will remember most fondly.

We relaxed in the shadow of Antwerp Cathedral, walked by the dock and through the castle and ate some lovely food. The not so lovely food was offered in various eateries – Horse Filets – No No and thrice No.

On the health front, swollen feet have settled a bit, chaffing on the back (mine) has improved,ORS stocks have been replenished as have plasters and washing has been done. We are therefore all ready to press on tomorrow. Two days to check in at Brussels.

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