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We woke around 0730 and met our lovely hosts Michel and Sylvie for a wonderful breakfast. Home made bread, home made jam, home grown lemon with nuts seeds and fruit. Gloriously healthy and extremely tasty. We chatted a while, Sylvie showed us two books she has written about walking in the Jura. It was hard to say goodbye to these kind and very interesting new friends. We hope to meet again and return the favour in Yorkshire.

We left just after 0900 with some solid local knowledge guiding our route. Michel you were spot on with the route, it was perfect.

After an initial climb we rolled down hill for vast distances. We took a couple of photos at the France-Swiss border and then carried on towards Geneva.

We saw some beautiful cows with bells around their necks. It sounds nice but I’m not sure if it isn’t extremely irritating for the cows.

The down hill was exhilarating and a little scary. I now have a few mm less rubber on the brake blocks!

Once we were at ‘lake level’ we had around 14 mikes to cycle from Nyon to arrive in Geneva. Fantastic cycle lanes most of the way, easily implemented in any country serious about multi-modal infrastructure that works for all.

Into the city and we easily found the hotel. I sold a kidney and paid for the two nights we are staying here. We then unpacked making the nice room look a little like one of our wild camps!

Once settled we took a walk to the lake and a water bus to the far (east) side to find a vegan restaurant called “Gives a fork” it was amazing . See below and understand the glory of vegan delights!

Back over to the west side after the grub and to the hotel. An early night tonight. We are going to the MSF office tomorrow.


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