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An early start from the scrubland in Domblans this morning. I have to say that the town itself is very nice and there is a lot more to it than just a piece of wasteland for a tent! The Boulangerie was magnificent for a start. I had most of a baton of bread with yesterdays hummus!

After breakfast we were on the bikes and on the hills. A steep climb to Château-Chalon was worth every bead of sweat. It is beautiful. Huge expansive views offer the valley and vineyards below.

It was of course a day of slow progress. Nevertheless we pressed on so that we start tomorrows ride on a climb rather than a build up to a climb. This approach is keeping us on track for an arrival in Geneva Wednesday.

We randomly stopped for a little break mid pm and Tracey ate a sandwich as big as a melon!

MSF in Geneva have been great , they are already telling us how they look forward to hearing about the ride. Brussels, Paris and Geneva have made us feel extremely welcome and we appreciate it.

We decided to stop for the day at the edge of some woods just east of Ilay. We set up the tent , made some food and drank superb Chardonnay from Château-Chalon. Not a bad way to end the day.

Thank you all as ever for your support. This fundraiser works because of you.

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