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We woke up early this morning in our little woodland hideaway. We wanted to get on the road by 0800 because we decided to press on past Dijon today due to the lack of accommodation options within the city. This is because : It is a bank holiday, there is a triathlon taking place and finally there is some kind of big motorcycling convention that culminates in Dijon this weekend.

We were both feeling a lot better today after a blip yesterday. Thank you all for your kind messages after my whinge!

This was to be our last full day riding on the canal de Bourgogne which has been absolutely glorious . It has been extremely easy to navigate and cycle. We will briefly join the Canal du Rhône tomorrow but once we leave it we will be on roads and cycle ways as available the rest of the way.

We received a farewell from a beautiful heron today as well as seeing some lovely big fish in the canal . Here’s hoping they avoid the multitude of anglers on the banks.

A lovely Heron

We hit Dijon just as a triathlon cycle stage was taking over the canal tow path. This was a problem as it delayed our progress through the periphery of the city three times. We replanned our route and made our way out south east.

About 10 miles from Dijon we came across a cherry tree laden with ripe fruit and asking to be raided. We had a break here and I lobbed a stick into the tree while Tracey retrieved the shower of cherries 🍒. This was such a fantastic thing to do . Simple but fantastic.

After this, we carried on to Saint Jean de Losne. This is a beautiful town with a ‘lake’ formed from the river Saone.

Saint Jean de Losne

We were going to wild camp again but decided to drop onto the camp site and ask about availability and cost. They had a pitch for €10! Deal! I had in fact seen a place nearby we could camp on if they were full but it was nice to have access to their facilities. A shower will be lovely.

We cycled back a short way to the town and had pizza and are now back on the site. The end of a very nice day

Well earned pizza & beer!
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