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Today was another day cycling on the beautiful Canal de Bourgogne. Unfortunately today I was unable to fully appreciate it as I’m feeling a little bit subpar. Over the last week poor Tracey has had a cold and felt quite rotten and I think I may be starting with symptoms (just in time to be climbing the Jura mountains). It will work out I’m sure. Here’s hoping it doesn’t become the dreaded ‘man flu’ !

We started the day with an interview with Jonathan Cowap of BBC Radio York. We have spoken to Jonathan the number of times and it was lovely to chat to him today about our engagement in Paris and the progress of the bike ride.

After chatting to Jonathan we pushed on to rejoin the canal and spent the rest of the day following this easily navigated route.

Beautiful swans
Also beautiful but with less gifted PR!

We stopped riding just outside Creancy, Wheeled our bikes up a bank into the woods and set up our wild camp. We are near to the exit of a canal tunnel through the hillside.

Going to sleep shortly, the birds are singing but otherwise the woods are quiet and it’s lovely. Goodnight and thank you all for your ongoing support.

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