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Album Cover

It has always been my dream to be a musician. Sadly I can’t sing or play an instrument. In short, I have zero talent whatsoever. Having seen the X-Factor (once) I realise that this lack of talent in no way precludes me from stardom in the UK and I have therefore never given up hope.

My big break came at the end of the bike ride in New York. Tracey and I met our friends Helen and Andy Foster in the city and spent a wonderful week discovering all that this amazing place has to offer. We visited famous landmarks, iconic jazz venues and hidden bars.

During our week in NYC, I recorded some sounds of the city. This was meant to be a gift for my friend Andy Backhouse who runs a free music and field recording label called Focused Silence . As is typical of Andy, something that was for him becomes something that benefits other people. He is a kind and caring person whom I am extremely proud to know.

Andy collated the recordings I made in New York and produced the album you see above. This is now available for download HERE and ALL money raised will go to Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders . It is a pay as you please deal but the more you shell out, the more goes to MSF.

Thank you very much for your kindness Mr Backhouse.

Enjoy the sounds of New York.

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