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This lovely chap is Andy Backhouse. I have known Andy for a long time now. He is a supporter of Doctors Without Borders as well as a great friend. Andy is a website designer based in Harrogate. A few years ago he said to me he would like to run the hosting and maintenence of my website in order to help with fundraising. This has been absolutely invaluable to me. I post on the website and then share to my social media. I have messed up the site a couple of times recently – once I even managed to overwrite the damn thing with a backup – OF ANOTHER WEBSITE! In my mind I thought I had just lost 10 years worth of posts. Andy patiently reassured me before taking the time to restore my site and peel me off the roof!

I owe this guy big time and can’t pay him back in any other way than to tell people that he is a fantastic web designer who closely supports the people with whom he works. Please take a look at Andy’s page HERE 

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