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Wow, what a day. Canals zig zag, crows are more direct. Chuck in a camp site 5km from the destination and there you go. That’s how you add 10km or so to the first days walk. It matters not. It was a beautiful day leaving Amsterdam this morning. We saw hares swans a number of windmills and a whole host of kind people.

3 people stopped us not far out of the city after they saw the bag with the Amsterdam to Barcelona sign on it. They were lovely people and after talking with them for a while they gave 20€ to MSF. People are wonderful.

My friend Sara (who is walking with me as far as Paris was amazing , I think I did most of the moaning today. I’ll man up tomorrow and do some press-ups and talk about the game.

For now I shall rest my aching tootsies and my glowing face. Stage 1 complete.

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