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Day 66

65 miles

We left Altoona and made good progress toward State College the terrain was unexpectedly flat and we flew along.

We stopped at an Amish fruit stall and bought some tasty peaches. It was fascinating to interact with these people who live a life devoid of technology of any kind. They travel in buggys or on self propelled scooters (as they can’t use bicycles).

Onwards through the the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside to Millheim where we stopped for a drink. At the bar we found dozens of bikers. Among them Bill and Jason. We chatted with these very nice guys for some time and they explained that they were all riding together to raise money for a suicide prevention charity. One of their friends tragically died last December and they all wanted to do something positive to respond. 

Bill and Jason tried our our bikes and looked very funny on them . They reciprocated by letting us sit on the Harley’s. They cranked up the engine and we felt the power of these amazing machines. We suggested a trade but they declined.

We left Millheim and cycled on the Woodward. We had just located a spot to camp on the edge of a cornfield when two people – Eric and his daughter Mary-Ellen (pictured at the top) approached us and offered us a place to stay. They live just down the hill and have a fabulous big garden where we were able to pitch our tent. 

We talked until 2300 before turning in. Once again our trip has been enhanced by extraordinary people.

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