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This lovely view is my route out of Chambery tomorrow. It has been a nice, short walk today as I have a bit of a marathon coming up tomorrow.

Chambery has some beautiful views, to the south east lie snow capped mountains and all around steep hills form a stunning valley.

I broke a filling this morning which is one of those unpredictable little things that can happen. My pal Evelyne is very kindly sorting a dental appointment for me in Grenoble.

In my ongoing drive to economise I cooked my food in the hotel room this evening (after checking for heat sensors!) pasta (finding vegan comparable can be tricky) with veg, very tasty – and cheap.

I’m looking forward to Grenoble it is meant to be a very lively and attractive city.

As I mentioned a long hike tomorrow so I’ll close there and watch the sun creep down over the hills before bed.

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