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I have been planning today for about two years. For various very good reasons, that’s how long it took to coordinate a visit to Ansell.

Ansell is a company that makes a huge array of products. The connection that led to my visit is PPE – Personal Protective Equipment. This is a broad term for all the things that keep me and my medical / nursing colleagues alive. Things like gloves, eye protection , aprons and in the case of Ebola highly complex materials that make up the yellow suits you see below:

As well as presenting my field experience to the team I was able to see some of the fascinating work carried out in the laboratory. I was shown some extremely complicated equipment that tests the resistance of various garments to an array of chemicals. The complexity of the processes was frankly beyond my full comprehension but I understood the basics. I have to say that it reinforced my confidence in the equipment we used and gives me a massive degree of faith that MSF personnel are well protected in the field due to the professionalism and dedication of those who provide our PPE.

After saying goodbye at Ansell I was kindly dropped off at Hull university and at 1830 I gave my second presentation of the day to the Hull Uni Friends of MSF.

This is a new group set up to promote Doctors Without Borders, inform fellow students of the organisations work and to fundraise.

I was met with warmth and enthusiasm by some inspiring young people who are MSFs future. A wonderful experience to end a memorable day.

I am now heading home on the train. I feel tired but extremely happy.

Thank you to everyone involved in this special day.

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