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Doctors Without Borders are working hard to support healthcare provision around the world. Teams are now working on COVID-19 in Italy and Spain.

The global COVID-19 response has added to the already significant demand on MSFs resources. In the UK many feel stressed, anxious and frightened which is perfectly understandable. We are however starting from a point where we have a functioning healthcare system. Many countries do not have systems in place or where they do exist, they are rapidly being overwhelmed.

At the bottom of the pile in many countries are those who have often been condemned and abused, neglected and forgotten – the refugees. Already living in squalid conditions, these people have left their home to escape conflict, oppression or unimaginable economic hardship. They fight for life while some of us fight for toilet paper.

For the last 10 years I have been working with friends and supporters to raise money to help keep Doctors Without Borders supporting these vulnerable people. So far we have raised over £105,000.

One major source of funding was the presentations I give to groups around the region. On average these raise £200 a time. I have just cancelled 6 of them due to the need for social separation. This is a massive loss of a solid stream of donations.

I am therefore asking if you can make a donation to MSF now. I know times are both uncertain and difficult but if you can help it would be massively appreciated.



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