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Earlier today I was reminded that it is 2 years since I had the honour of receiving the Stray FM Fundraiser of the Year award. Fundraising in support of Doctors Without Borders  (Médecins Sans Frontières).

On that warm, pleasant evening in May ’19, Tracey and I rubbed shoulders with some very inspiring people. Many of those present had  overcome or were battling adversity. There were many who have made an extraordinary difference in this world –  Andy Sharpe , an incredible individual who has raised tens of thousands of pounds for numerous charities and is now Marketing & Fundraising Officer for the Cellar Trust which provides vital mental health services to adults in Bradford Airedale , Wharfedale and Craven. We chatted with Andy and enjoyed a few drinks. He is an extraordinary character and a gifted fundraiser. 5 minutes with him and you are handing over your wallet and PIN!

At the time of the award we were £7,500 short of the £100,000 target. Courtesy of a remarkable donation by local company Lights4Fun we left the event having achieved the goal set 9 years previously.

If you wish to read all about the evening , my post from that night – including a spectacular humiliation can be found HERE

Today, the award sits proudly on the window sill at home. It is however only a reminder to me of the incredible people who have actually raised the money (now £111,261 of a reset £200,000 target). People who have run events – made tea, coffee and buns , removed their clothes and twirled their pasties, sung, run, danced, sold possessions, walked, raffled art, cycled and so on. These plus the amazing and generous donors are the true award winners, you have saved lives through your kindness. Doctors Without Borders works because of you – You are MSF and I thank you for all you do.

You can donate to MSF via my fundraiser through andy4msf.com

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