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What can I say? I continue to be amazed at the kindness, generosity and commitment of my friends. Gilly Spence and Howard Richardson ran a Tea /Coffee/Bun/Cake riot in Studley Roger today. It was to say the very least a success. I was in Studley earlier in the week and gave a talk about the walk . Today I spent 5 hours chatting and drinking tea with the customers while the workers slaved away over hot sinks and kettles in the kitchen. When the dust (and the glitter from the buns) settled MSF was £683 to the better. Add to that £95 raised at the talk and this has been a fantastic week. I met nothing but interested and interesting people on both days and look forward to some further fundraising ideas as a result. I am humbled by the lovely kitchen crew – Howard, Gilly, Karen, Bev,Cathy,Louise and Mia and how hard they all worked. Thank you and thank you to the people who came and donated to MSF.


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