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Saturday 8th December was a wonderful and very busy day for lots of people. Lunchtime saw the Craft fair arranged by my friend Helen Myers run at Littlethorpe over towards Ripon. Lots of lovely people gave up their time to make this day happen. They were brought together by Helen to raise money for Doctors Without Borders and I am hugely grateful for the magnificent £500 raised. I bought some lovely presents on the day , there is something special about buying a gift that has been made locally and also helps others by the very fact that it has sold.

Racing back to Harrogate I managed to make 30 minutes at Bean & Bud to watch Howling Matt. Ruth and Hayden run such a lovely place, it is a real sanctuary for me . I only wish I had longer to enjoy Matts music , he is a gifted performer and very much plays my kind of music.

From here it was on to the Kings Club for Jingle Belles. Yet another superb evening by La Belle Burlesque in aid of MSF and another £500 raised! Thank you to our wonderful performers and everyone who makes the night run. You give your time for nothing but the knowledge that you are helping to raise money to assist others. For this I will always be grateful. Thank you to everyone who came and made the night a big glittery success.

Try these for size, Great photos by Laurie Cooper-Murray of Stage Zero Photography

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