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Today, following a very generous donation we have passed the £120, 000 mark. That is 60% of the £200,000 target.

I can only begin to express my thanks to everyone who has donated so far – 1235 online donations and many more offline at events etc. Your generosity and selflessness are an inspiration to me and I thank you – its all Ive got but I mean it.

As we push on with the Ride to the Rock fundraiser I am asking people to consider running events themselves while Tracey and I are away. There are some ideas on the website HERE and I am sure you can come up with your own be it burlesque, monthly step challenges, roller skating, online gaming challenges – go wild!

If I have learned anything down the years it is that good people will donate to a cause where they see someone trying. You don’t have to set records or be the world No 1, you just have to care and people will get onside.

The need goes on – WE GO ON.

Thank you all.

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