£100,000 Celebration Night & What Next?

Thank you very much to our hosts Isla and Simon at The Corner Haus for a lovely evening on Saturday. It was wonderful to meet up with so many amazing people who have done so much for the fundraising project. I know that a good many important people couldn’t make it. They were however with us in spirit and certainly not forgotten.

We celebrated hitting the £100,000 target set over 9 years ago, we also celebrated friendship.

The Corner Haus was the perfect venue. I very much appreciate Belgian beer and Isla stocks the best of it.

Thank you all.

After a month of contemplation and discussion I have decided on the future goal. I mulled over all sorts of options but in the end I decided to bite the bullet and double the target.

We are now aiming for £200,000.

This commits us to another decade of events, hard work, challenges and a lot of fun.

Come along for the ride! See you all soon I hope.


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2 Comments on “£100,000 Celebration Night & What Next?”

  1. Massive congratulations on achieving the target.

    For the next milestone I anticipate more than beard shaving could be required!

  2. Just read this Katy , Thank you very much lovely I appreciate your enthusiasm to have me sheared again xxxxx

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